J&J Editorial Services


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"Working with Jess has been a joy. She always strikes the perfect balance between strong and on-point suggestions, while also respecting the tone, goals, and voice of the author(s) of the piece she is working on. Jess is extremely flexible and even when there are tight deadlines she always engages in an open, organized, kind, and punctual manner. After working on a few projects with her, she truly feels like a partner and member of the team."
Sarah Clements
formerly with the Working for America Institute, AFL-CIO
"Julia is the most talented editor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is detail-oriented to a degree that most editors would only dream of being. She has caught the tiniest typos in massive, word-dense documents and saved myself and my clients a lot of time and money. On more than one occasion, Julia has provided insight into why certain phrases or words may not be appropriate and how to tweak them to ensure the message remains clear. This sort of ability is rare and comes from years of experience and expertise in her field. Julia is a pleasure to work with. A pleasant and capable editor who is integral to the success of any team she touches."
Former client
“Beyond grammar, spelling, and syntax, what I really appreciated about Jess' skills was her attention to consistency. Did I change the structure or manner in which I was presenting data from one section to another? Jess caught it and made suggestions about how to present the data more cohesively. There's no way I would have noticed that on my own, and it made a huge difference in the understandability of my documents. She’s easy to work with and definitely enjoys what she does. I highly recommend her services.”
Eric Michael Cohen
marriage and relationship repair specialist, business and life coach
“When we wrap up each issue of the magazine, I count on Jess to find any mistakes that the rest of us missed. Need to know if that compound that is functioning as an adjective takes a hyphen or not, if there is an apostrophe in ‘bachelor’s degree,’ if that restrictive clause needs a comma? You can count on Jess to catch the error, know the answer, and offer a correction.”
Thomas Dodson
web and discovery librarian, assistant professor at Southern Oregon University
“It has been such a pleasure to work with Jess. She is an incredibly hard-working and conscientious copy editor. I have truly never worked with someone who had such an amazing work ethic. She covered me during my maternity leave, and I had no worries whatsoever. She is always eager to take on more work and responsibilities. She is efficient and organized. She made my job so much easier because I always knew she was capable of handling anything that came her way. And she is a sweet, smart, creative person as well. I feel lucky to have worked with her.”
Kelly Stimmell Messier
freelance editor
“I had the pleasure of working with Jess as the role of Executive Director and she the Program Assistant for the NH Public Health Association. Jess excels in this role, taking on any new challenges willingly. She is a true team player and willing to change gears and schedules to get a task done. She works lightening quick and with precision. Jess is a quick study and is open to learn new technology and becomes proficient quickly. One of her outstanding achievements was to research a database solution for our membership and website, learn the new system and migrate all our work over to it. Jess is bright, dedicated, organized and a pleasure to work with. Jess would be an outstanding addition to any team, and I would hire her in a minute.”
Joan Ascheim
former NHPHA executive director
“I just finished going through all of your edits, and I wanted to tell you that they were incredibly helpful. Until you pointed it out, I hadn't realized that ‘strategic A2/AD’ needed a noun to follow it, which is a big deal considering that it is the subject of the book! Also, the assure/ensure link was very helpful. ‘Assured access’ is a term of art in the Department of Defense, so I was mimicking their usage without giving much thought to whether or not it was grammatically correct. I'm so glad you highlighted it though because once I realized it, it looked awfully silly to keep saying “assured” when I meant ‘ensured.’ I had no questions about the edits; they were all very straight-forward. I really appreciate your hard work, and now I feel much more confident about sending the manuscript out to publishers and others.”
A. Russell
Fletcher School at Tufts University graduate candidate
“I actually am amazed at some of the things [Jess] is able to notice and correct.... I know the document is being improved by her contributions.”
recent client
author of a statistics textbook published by Cognella