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Welcome to J&J Editorial Services!

Welcome to the blog portion of J&J Editorial Services! We’re glad you’re here, reading this introductory blog post. This is a space for us to share, among other things: 

  • Updates on the growth of our business
  • Editorial pet peeves
  • A few of our favorite (editorial) things
  • Editorial/word-related memes and lists 🤓
  • Editorial tips and tricks
  • Anything else that sparks joy, creativity, or introspection for us

If you have ideas for topics we could explore within this blog, please leave a comment below or slide into our DMs by using the Contact Us page. We love feedback and constructive criticism, too, so if you have anything for us in that regard, send us a message.

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About the Author

Jess Barnett

Jess Barnett

Jess Barnett has served as a copyeditor for 18 years. Her specialties include but aren’t limited to health care, work for scientific journal, pharmaceutical marketing materials, and grade school curricula. Some current clients are Digitas Health, Simplify Compliance, Public Consulting Group, Cognella, Versado, Community Health Institute/JSI, and the AFL-CIO. She has past experience serving as copyeditor at several pharmaceutical companies and worked for six years at Evidera, a global CRO. Jess is skilled at following AMA, CMOS, AP, and APA style. Outside of copyediting, Jess is a self-taught abstract artist. She graduated from Boston University in 2001 with a degree in Journalism.